Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: I will Wait for My Time.

Arsenal youngster, Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain has stated he is prepared to wait for his time at the club.

The 19-year old Englishman had not yet gotten a permanent place in Arsene Wenger's team but admitted he isn't worried by that. He is confident a time would come when he would enjoy such privilege. He agrees with the fact that he cannot be involved in every game and he declared his readiness to make use of any opportunity given to him.

"I'm only 19 years of age and I'm at Arsenal Football Club," he said.

"I know I've got to bide my time, and maybe this is one of those times. Just to get a start was really important to me, and I know that when I get the opportunity, I've got to make sure I try and take it.

"It's always nice for the confidence when you get a run of games. I had a few a couple of weeks ago, I think I played maybe five or six games on the spin and that was nice. I've got to expect to sometimes be pulled out because we've got so many talented players at this football club.

"Everybody wants to play so you've got to take being taken out of the team sometimes, let someone else have a go and make sure you're ready to come off the bench and affect the games and help the team.

"I can remember last season, Robin van Persie came and spoke to me. He said
'When I was first at the Club,I didn't start, the boss used to take me in and out'.
Look at the season he had last season, he was a key player. It was the same with Theo. You've got to bide your time, especially when you're young."

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