Friday, October 11, 2013

Picture of Arsene Wenger and His Wife in London.

Have you ever wondered who Arsene Wenger's partner is or if he even has one at all? I am very sure you would have had such thoughts at one time or the other.

Well, it isn't a thing most people are aware of as we all know the sort of being the Frenchman is. He is one of those few football managers who are more concerned with their jobs more than they are with social life. The media only has access to Wenger whenever he is at Press Conferences, on the pitch or doing other football-related stuffs and also considering the fact that he hardly attends social functions, it would be very difficult for anyone to know much about his private life.

To clear your doubts, I am telling you now that Wenger is happily married. I also got to know that his only child is a girl but I do not know how genuine that is. This picture below shows him and his wife in a British Film Institute’s inaugural fund-raising dinner at London.

 They look cute, don't they? You can drop your thoughts on what you feel about the couple.

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